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The headquarters of Taiwan Sugar Company (TSC) established in Tokyo. Suzuki Tozaburo was elected as the president of the Company.


The TSC's Refinery No. 1 was established in Qiaozitou (today's Qiaotou District, Kaohsiung), with the beam-lifting ceremony taking place on July 21st, setting the first steps for Taiwan's industrialization.


January 15th: The official operation of Qiaozitou sugar refinery began, yielding a daily production of 200 tons.
August 18th: Erecting of the Sho-Kannon (the Sacred Avalokitesvara) bronze statue.


The deployment of the routes for ox-pulled carts began. This facility later became the Taiwan Sugar Railway.


Inauguration of the Taiwan Sugar Railway on September 15th. The rail adopts a narrow 30-inch gauge with total distance spanning 63.2 kilometers.


The Refinery No.2 began production in January.
TSC's alcohol plant, the first plant in Taiwan that produced alcohol, was established. Daily output reached 20,000 liters of 96-proof alcohol.


The establishment of Qiaozitou Foundry (predecessor of Taiwan Machinery Corporation).


Completion of the Jinjya (Japanese shrine) on November 5th.
Constructions to expand the employee dormitory began in the dormitory area.


Construction of dormitories for factory director and deputy factory director.


The sugar processing machinery parts of both Refinery No. 1 and No. 2 were dismantled. The remaining facilities were destroyed by the Allied forces bombing, making sugar manufacturing impossible.
October 25th: The Restoration of Taiwan. The Taiwan Sugar Industry Supervision Organization Committee was founded in November, and the supervision duties were carried out starting December 1st.
Repairs for Refinery No. 2 were carried out in November. Sugar manufacturing restarted.


Sugar manufacturing capabilities were restored across Taiwan Province starting in March. The duties of the Supervision Committee were concluded. The facility was renamed "Qiaozitou Sugar Refinery" on June 1st. Huang, Tse-jung became the first factory director, commanding a force of 699 employees.


December: The sugar manufacturing of Refinery No. 1 began after the repairs of the mill room, clean room, and fermentation room; three warehouses were completed.


June 1st: Name changed to Qiaotou Sugar Refinery.


July 1st: Company implements a pilot program for the grand factory system. The Refinery was merged with Xiaogang Sugar Refinery to become Kaohsiung Sugar Refinery.


June: Carried out preparations for establishing a pig farm, including the construction of ten sties for breeders and eight for pork pigs. Annual production reached 10,000 pork pigs.
July: Organization further expanded to become the Kaohsiung Sugar Refinery Headquarters, with jurisdiction over the three refineries of Kaohsiung, Cheluqian, and Xiaogang.
End of October: Completion of the central control system construction project, raising the extraction volume to 3,400 tons per day.


June 1st: Kaohsiung Sugar Refinery Headquarters cancelled. The three refineries under its jurisdiction were reassigned to Pingtung Sugar Refinery Headquarters.


July: The Section of Plant Headquarters Supervision was eliminated. The plant was placed under the direct control of Taiwan Sugar Corporation.


Former Kaohsiung County Government (later Kaohsiung City Government due to city-county merger) included the area of the refinery as a historical monument preservation area, and 19 locations were designated as county-level historical monuments.


February 28th: All sugar manufacturing operations came to an end. The plant was renamed "Kaohsiung Plant" on July 1st, marking the end of sugar manufacturing.


September 1st: Organizational reform took place. The plant was merged with Asset Management Center Kaohsiung Area Office (3F, No. 11, Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City).


October 1st: The second organizational reform took place. The Assets Management Center Kaohsiung Area Office was placed under the direct control of "Kaohsiung Operation Branch,"
Taiwan Sugar Corporation. The former Kaohsiung Operations Office (founded in 1974), Kaohsiung Refinery, and Qishan Sugar Refinery were merged.


Taiwan Sugar Museum founded on April 30th.


June 30th: The museum's artifact section was opened to the public.


October 2015: Considering the facts of the location of the estate management office, and the farm's distribution, as well as units such as Taiwan Sugar Museum, Qiaotou Property Section, General Management Section, and Organic Garden being located in Qiaotou areas, the office headquarters were relocated to the Qiaotou Sugar refinery in the interest of revitalizing assets and improving administrative management efficiency.